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“The most valuable resource that aIl teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”

About TTNF – The Teaching Network Foundation




“The most valuable resource that teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”


This quote by Robert John Meehan aptly sums up the purpose of TTNF. Very early in my career as a teacher and educator, I recognized the importance of teachers’ collaboration, the sharing of information, skills and experiences as a powerful element for professional development. Teachers working alongside teachers, offering support and sharing knowledge within a coaching relationship was the valuable tool I employed successfully to develop myself as well as to train and develop the teachers in the education establishments where I served as school leader, head-teacher and principal.


Research has proven that the single highest indicator of student achievement is the quality of teaching delivered by outstanding teachers. It is only when students are taught by outstanding teachers that they can achieve high standards and attain outstanding results. No amount of infrastructure development and provision of resources can replace highly trained, dedicated teachers equipped with up-to-date research findings in education and human development.


Unfortunately, many providers and funders of education in Nigeria have neglected the development of teachers and failed to pay attention to the importance of continuous professional development for teachers. This is the main cause of the poor achievements of students in our schools.


Therefore, the purpose for my return to Nigeria in 2016 was to set up The Teaching Network Foundation (TTNF) – a platform to facilitate teachers’ continuous professional development through collaboration and learning from each other. Setting up TTNF as a not-for-profit enterprise comes from my desire to support the personal and professional development of teachers in Nigeria in order to enable improved learning outcomes for students.


To achieve this, I utilized my ample experience and skills from my work in Nigeria and the UK to bring together the aims, resources and evidences from top quality research studies and shaped them into practical relevance to help the Nigerian education system attain excellence and raise standards. TTNF is a forum that offers innovative teaching and learning ideas to teaching professionals and everyone interested in learning.


TTNF’s training strategy of teachers supporting teachers by sharing best practices, knowledge and learning is solid and well-grounded in the coaching principle. The coach learns as much if not much more than the people he/she is coaching because the process allows the coach to practice his/her skills and refine what he/she knows already.


In addition, importing teacher trainers and teaching strategies from other countries will never work because they often do not fit our context. The solution to our problems must be home-grown. The teachers working within the Nigerian education system know best the challenges and problems they face on a daily basis. By coming together and sharing their knowledge and best practices, they will find the enduring and lasting solutions making sustainability one of the key advantages of the TTNF strategy.


TTNF is a

  • Not-for-profit, membership organization for teaching professionals and everyone interested in learning
  • Members have access to the following benefits:

One-stop shop for quality teaching and learning resources

To download useful resources that will support classroom teaching, enhance student engagement and behavior and raise the standard of skill and performance.


Resources for personal and professional development

To search for currents research and academic papers, numerous teaching and learning resources and materials to boost personal and professional development as a teacher, parent, school leader or someone engaging in post-graduate studies.


Engage with other members for effective networking on our interactive platform

To contribute to conversations, share ideas and good practices, make, create innovate resources and engage in working collaboratively with members of our community from different locations across the country.


Quarterly Face-to-Face Training Days and Development Programs

To take full advantage of our quarterly face-to-face free training days. Our training days offer ample opportunities for teachers and school leaders to become workshop facilitators and lead learning in areas of expertise thereby enhancing further both career and personal development. In addition, these face to face programs provide opportunities to develop, grow and broaden networking skills, meet old friends and make new ones. On offer are other discounted professional development programs and our annual conference is an event not to be missed.



Links to global education resource sites

To get links to web addresses for teaching and learning sites from all over the world and be connected to global professionals in education.


Career progression

To obtain advice and guidance on career progression and professional development and follow a mapped career pathway to achieve Chartered Teachers’ Status and senior management positions.


Jobs and vacancies

To check for recruitment and placement opportunities. Assistance and support are available for preparing CVs and personal statements/profiles to meet application requirements in addition to preparation for job interviews.


Our Blog

We invite you to check out our blog – blog.ttnf.ng. You are free to contribute, engage and participate, publish posts, take the weekly polls and challenges, participate in our question and answer sessions and lots more.


TTNF – The Teaching Network Foundation, offers an amazing learning journey to teachers who register as members of our community. Our mission is to promote excellence in teaching and learning based on our belief that every teacher is a valuable resource towards making a positive difference to education in Nigeria. We are glad to welcome all teaching professionals and everyone interested in teaching and learning as members of our community.


TTNF opened officially on the 10th of September 2016 with the first of our quarterly training days where we registered and welcomed as members164 teaching professionals. Since then, our members have grown and more than 5,000 teaching professional have found their way to our website.


We believe in collaboration and partnership. With TTNF’s motto “Together, we are Stronger,” we are constantly exploring opportunities to link up, engage and work with schools, education establishments, other organizations and bodies locally and internationally with similar ethos and philosophy to support the development of teachers in Nigeria in order to bring the best education to the Nigerian student.


To learn more about TTNF, visit our website www.ttnf.ng or our blog blog.ttnf.ng. If you would like us to meet with you for more detailed conversation or discussion about TTNF’s training programs, call Abiola Sobola the Operations Manager on 234 908 569 4027 or send an email to abiola@ttnf.ng.








Subscription Options

  • Option 1 – for 3months @ N2,500 (Two thousand and five hundred Naira only)
  • Option 2 – for 6months @ N5,000 (Five thousand Naira only)
  • Option 3 – for 12months @ N10,000 (Ten thousand Naira only)


Payment Methods

  1. Pay online using your debit card and token via Inter-switch or Pay-stack payment gateways and you can access the platform immediately.


  1. Pay via internet bank transfer to The Teaching Network Foundation Sterling Bank Account No. 0054115201. To get your login details please send an Email or SMS to Abiola Sobola; Tel: +234 908 569 4027, +234 802 389 4132; Email: abiola@ttnf.ng


  1. Pay in person at any Sterling Bank branch to The Teaching Network Foundation Sterling Bank Account No. 0054115201. To get your login details please send an Email or SMS to Abiola Sobola; Tel: +234 908 569 4027, +234 802 389 4132; Email: abiola@ttnf.ng


With kind regards,

Dolapo Ogunbawo (PhD) 

Chair, Board of Trustees

Education Consultant

Developmental Psychologist

The Teaching Network Foundation (TTNF)

Tel./WhatsApp: 08108641918; 08091115796

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