Achieving Professionalism in Teaching – Ethics and Etiquette 2

Being a professional teacher means much more than possessing a university / college degree and a noted title.

It includes and goes far beyond wearing a coat and tie or good appearance. Professionalism in teaching also has to do with how you conduct yourself.

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  1. Toyin Awofeso

    Being a professional teacher; it’s about living on a daily basis the authentic teacher in you! This comes through self-awarenes of your strengths, weaknesses, competencies and the growth mindset to be the best that you can be through continuous professional development. It’s a lifelong journey. You have to be set in your heart that you are meant to be in this profession. It’s not a job for the common people says the Germany Angela Merkel; “Teachers are NOT common people and common people are NOT teachers. Please don’t choose to be a teacher until you are worth it!”

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