TEACHING AND LEARNING DURING AND POST COVID-19: TTN Official Launch and Quarterly Training

“How we interpret, react, and bounce back from the crises today is what will define how we survive the crises of tomorrow.”

It is obvious that the old way of teaching and learning is no longer sufficient for the present reality we have found ourselves. COVID-19 came and disrupted the entire school ecosystem: our normal schools, normal teachers, and normal pupils. All over the world, it has become crystal clear that normal methods of teaching and learning all are no longer sufficient for success in this new reality.

To avoid the looming crisis in our education sector, aggravated by the COVID pandemic, there is a need for quick and innovative means of teaching to address the learning gap that is increasing daily. It is not enough that educators learn the new skills in order to adapt to the new normal, but they must also learn how to put them into quick use as the Intervention needed is urgent.

In order to make it memorable and special, we have decided to have a 2-day event – slated for Friday 25th and Saturday 26th, 2020. The first day, Friday 25th shall be dedicated to the Official Launch of the Transformational Teachers Network (TTN). The launch shall commence by 3.00 pm and shall be followed immediately by the Keynote Address on our Theme: Teaching and Learning During and Post COVID-19.  The Training/ Breakout Sessions shall take place on Saturday, 26th September 2020. There shall be two sessions on that day: morning and afternoon sessions. Join us as we chart a new course as a panacea and suggest readily implementable frameworks for ensuring quality delivery of knowledge in a COVID -19 world. This is a must-attend learning experience. Save the date!

Please note that the cost of training covers training and 3 months of membership.

Read about our membership options and benefits here.

Click Here to Download List of Breakout Sessions

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Transformational Teachers Network






September 25, 2020


3:00 pm



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