Introducing the Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UMCAS)- Ozioma

I am Ozioma, introducing UCMAS. Its basically the Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System.

Its a program that started in Malaysia 1993 by Prof. Dr. Dino Wong and his group of researchers.

UCMAS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company currently presently in about 60countries worldwide, trained more than 1million children, highly appreciated and recognised by educationists, researchers and scientist’s and has noticed astonishing results.

Its a whole brain development program for children between 5 – 15years ( Grade 1 – 9)

We work on the childrens’ Concentration skills * Memory skills *Listening skills * Photographic memory * Self confidence * Reduces gadget dependency * speed and accuracy skills * All round academic proficency and also give International Exposure.

On google, Youtube type in UCMAS, you will see more videos of UCMAS.

Visit our Nigeria and global website: www.… www. ucmas. com.

Ozioma Ofune-Utulu
… Discovering the genius in every child

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