Meet the Founder of TTNF, Dr. Dolapo Ogunbawo.

Dr. Dolapo Ogunbawo


Dolapo Ogunbawo has a solid and enviable track record in teaching and learning. With a PhD in Education (1988) and M.ED (1981), her work experience began in 1978 and has spanned all levels of the education system to include higher education institution, teacher training colleges, primary and secondary schools as well as special education needs and disabilities (SEND).

She has over 25 years of senior leadership experience as principal of notable schools like Greensprings and Grange in Nigeria and as senior management at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education, University College London, UK. Her consultancy work with schools in Lagos started in 1987 and she has made colossal contributions to teachers’ professional development and school improvement. Her clientele list in Nigeria include St. Saviours School Ikoyi, Lebanese Community School, Greensprings School, Grange School, Lara Day School, Carol School, Queensland School, Caleb International College, Redeemers School, MD School, Lekki British School to name a few.

Her notable achievements include:

  • Introduction of the IGCSE to schools in Nigeria following her visit to UCLES in Cambridge in September 1995 to facilitate the examination being made available through the British Council in Lagos
  • Up until 1993, only the American schools in the country – AIS in Lagos and Hillcrest in Jos were members of AISA, she changed that and introduced AISA to other private schools and Greensprings, under her leadership, was the first school to become a member of AISA in 1994
  • She introduced more contemporary and enriching curriculum, text books and teaching resources to schools with tremendous benefits in terms of students achievement and school improvement i.e. Greensprings sought and successfully obtained international school accreditation from the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) an agency involved in improving schools world-wide and Grange had the best IGCSE results in the country in 2002 and for many years since.
  • There can be no better testimony than first hand recommendation from those who benefitted under her leadership. Students, teachers and parents within and outside Nigeria will unequivocally testify to her integrity of character, her dedication and commitment to the progress and well-being of people in her care both young and old.

Dr.Ogunbawo relocated to the UK in 2004 where she worked at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning (LCLL), Institute of Education (IoE), University College London, as Programme Leader for NPQH – National Professional Qualification for Headship, Leadership Pathways (LP) and Equal Access to Promotion (EAP) – leadership development programmes for senior school leaders. Her work on NPQH and LP had in-depth coverage of all London schools, local authorities and other agencies while EAP had national coverage. Her programmes supported the development of a strategic approach to succession planning for UK schools helping to improve the quality and effectiveness of leadership in schools and raise the quality of teaching and learning in order to achieve improved outcomes for students.

She returned to Nigeria in 2015 to set up The Teaching Network Foundation (TTNF) – a platform for utilising her ample experience and skills to bring together aims, resources and evidences from top quality research studies and shape into practical relevance for a wide range of audiences to help the Nigerian education system attain excellence and raise standards. TTNF is a forum that offers innovative teaching and learning ideas to teaching professionals and everyone interested in learning.

She maintains high quality relationship with all stakeholders by conveying a sense of purpose while leaving room for complexities and allowing productive disagreement. She plans to work hard to create a climate in which teachers and students can learn for themselves and from each other by allowing time for reflection and discussion using coaching strategies to support and encourage them to ask questions and challenge each other’s points of view to further deepen learning. Dolapo Ogunbawo is constantly finding new ways to affirm contributions without being judgemental thus building capacity and autonomy.

Dolapo Ogunbawo is committed to improving the life chances of people – children and adults, especially the marginalized and those in challenging circumstances. From 2000 to 2004, she served as the first National Director for Special Olympics Nigeria working closely with Special Olympics Inc. headquarters in Washington DC, USA. Her volunteering experiences include working in orphanages with people with disability in Romania with the Foundation for the Relieve of Disabled Orphans (FRODO) and with the Centre of Legal Assistance for People with Disabilities in Moldova.

Her work ethic and professional attitude is of high standard. She is a committed team-player who takes responsibility for her relationship with others and places a high value on those who work with her. Credibility is top of her leadership skill list and she works in ways to prove herself trust-worthy. She brings with her a wealth of experience, skills and abilities in addition to a track record of excellence, commitment and initiative creativity.

Dolapo Ogunbawo maintains a teachable spirit and nurtures her passion for personal growth and professional development. She keeps learning so that she can continue leading.

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