is in search of excellent School Teachers is in search of excellent School Teachers who can provide Class Notes for the following Secondary School subjects & classes. These are not full time roles. You’ll simply have to provide us the same notes with which you teach in class & they must meet acceptable standards in terms of content & language quality. If you know anyone who can deliver, please tell them to email – or call/sms 07060545027.

We need actual school teachers who are familiar with using Govt. approved curriculum, syllabus & scheme of work to prepare class notes with which the teach in classroom.

1. French – JSS and SSS
2. Yoruba – JSS and SSS
3. Hausa – JSS and SSS
4. Igbo – JSS and SSS
5. Arabic – JSS and SSS
6. Islamic Studies – JSS and SSS
7. Cultural and creative arts – JSS and SSS
8. History – SSS
9. Further Maths – SSS
10. Book Keeping – SSS
11. Home management – SSS

12. Food and Nutrition – SSS
So far, we have all the Class Notes for all the major compulsory subjects for JSS & SSS Classes online but there are few students who are interested in these Subjects & we have the responsibility to make them available to them.
The Reward Package is way better than what Schools offer Teachers.

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Thank You.
Passnownow Inc.

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