The roles of parents in Children Education

Parents are their children’s first teachers. It is from parents that children learn about their culture, values, and language. Parents play a very valuable role in their children’s education in and out of the classroom. Because of this reason, parents need to take on the challenge and provide their children the tools they will need in order to be successful in school and life.
Education does not only involve acquiring academic qualifications, it also involves learning how to be a productive member of society, it involves how to behave in social settings, it involves learning how to figure everyday problems, and so much more. By talking to their children, parents can help them increase their vocabulary, they help their children in their receptive and expressive language, and they help their children feel empowered. Also, parents that talk with their children build lasting positive and strong relationship. The basic role of parents is to provide physical security.
There are two key roles parent can play in the life of their children. First, is to read to the children everyday.
This is seen as an excellent activity which can widen their imagination, develop their listening skills and improve their vocabulary. Secondly, is to take them out to explore the environment. This will  help them to learn new things and build their confidence.
I  look forward to a society where parents will know that education of the children is not left in the hands of the school alone.
By Miss Okulaja
Class teacher Grenville Schools

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